T h e    M U S E U M

In a world where there is a convergence of crises—issues of obesity, unbearable traffic congestion, pollution, and climate change—there is also a rising revolution to bring back the bicycle and to use the bicycle as the weapon of choice to counter these problems.

The MoB is the platform that raises our awareness and brings into our focus the countless and often-overlooked benefits of bicycling. It is time that the people learn of the capacity of simple solutions and the power of simple actions to answer the world’s biggest problems.

T h e   C O L L E C T I O N

The Museum of Bicycling [MoB] brings to light the ecological, economical, and bio-psycho-social benefits of bicycling, through a collection -of carefully chosen bicycles, pictures, artworks, and information that show the importance, practicality, & versatility of bicycling.

The bikes in the museum are categorized based on the following ways the bicycle can be an instrument of change—Pedalling for: Alternative Transport, Social Equality, Women Empowerment, Creativity & Culture, Family & Community Bonding, Health & Wellness, Sports & Recreation, Tourism, Appropriate Technology, and Entrepreneurship.